Christmas Parties at the Lodge


The Lodge at Christmas is perhaps the Lodge at its best.

A 12-foot tree, grown and harvested right here in Franklin, sparkles with decorations by a local
designer and blends perfectly with the modern farmhouse design. The scent of evergreens fills
the air; James Taylor plays softly in the background.

The decorations and décor at the Lodge are perfectly suited to the season, making it the ideal
place to host a Christmas party; all the guests do is arrive with their cider.

Each Christmas, the Lodge hosts numerous parties – and this year, McGavock Hall is also
available, featuring a high ceiling, built-in rustic wood bar, and its own sparkling tree.
The guests at one party last year enjoyed the space so much, they have booked again this year
for their business celebration.

“We loved hosting our event at the Lodge,” said Hope Darst of Oak Hill. “When my husband and
I started thinking about having a holiday party last year for 40 of our friends, we wanted a place
where everyone could eat dinner together and maintain that ‘home’ feeling. The Lodge was the
perfect place. It felt like we were in a beautiful home that could accommodate everyone
comfortably. I can’t think of any other event space that captures that kind of intimacy for that
many people.”

With the opening of the McGavock Hall event space, Hope and her husband said they are excited
to come back this December and his company Christmas party.

“We know we’ll have a great time with our employees in a gorgeous space that will make
everyone feel comfortable,” she said. “If you’re looking for a place to host your event, I would
highly recommend the Lodge.”

If you are interested in booking The Lodge or Warehouse (or both!) for your holiday party this
year, now to book your date.