Charity Event at the Lodge


The Lodge Franklin is a beautiful, convenient space for local corporate events. Businesses that want to host an event outside the cubicles of their corporate offices find the modern farmhouse décor and cozy space perfect for interviews, trainings, conferences, large meetings, and their charity events. There is also plenty of room for the whole office if needed, enough for all of your coworkers and even a car, if you want.

Providence Auto Group (PAG), a local Franklin used car dealership, has used the Warehouse space of The Lodge to host their charity Give Event. Several times a year, PAG donates an entire car to a recipient from one of the 4 charities they support: Mercy Multiplied, Thistle Farms, End Slavery Tennessee, and Safe Haven Tennessee. Recently PAG celebrated their 40th Give by donating a car Deanna from Thistle Farms.

PAG hosted the event at The Lodge by bringing the car into McGavock Hall using the two garage doors. Guests of the party enjoyed a barbecue spread and mingled around the vehicle, enjoying the rustic space, high ceilings, and the beautiful lighting for pictures and video. The rustic, industrial chandelier, hand-crafted by local Franklin artist Bjon Pankratz just for the Lodge, spotlighted the car and provided a wonderful setting for the moment when Deanna was given her new vehicle. Tears and applause made the moment a special one for everyone who attended and witnessed a very small part of the journey of Deanna.

Hosting a corporate event at The Lodge Franklin is easy and affordable. Your coworkers will enjoy the beautiful, spacious rooms and amenities, the convenient Franklin location, and will appreciate exchanging their swivel chair for a cowhide wingback for the day. For more information about renting one of our 2 conference rooms, the Lodge Main, or the Warehouse, contact