Why Coworking?  We believe that we were created for community and that through community we are at our best. Community encourages us to keep going, and surrounds us with excellence.  Entrepreneurs and creatives are usually risk takers and as you hit challenges and possible setbacks, having a community of other people who have been there or are currently walking the same road as you is nourishment to your parched pioneering soul (hence our full time Pioneer membership).  Or maybe you aren’t setting off on your own into new territory but simply just work from home and see the value in networking with others or realize you are more motivated and energized around others.  You are more of a Settler.  You’ve already found your niche but are just needing to get out a day or two a week to change up your scenery, hence our part time Settler membership.  That’s what coworking is all about.  It’s not just about working remotely or from a shared office space.  It’s about joining forces with those around you as you work side by side for the greater good.